What is your talent?

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So I have been talking about the direction of the company and talent required to achieve goals.

Here is the question that you should be asking yourself:

What are you qualified to do?

Why do you run your company?

Why did you start your company?

Why do you think you are doing what you are supposed to be doing?

Unfortunately for some of you, if you are honest you are going to find that you shouldn’t be doing what you doing.

There is something else out there you should be doing and hopefully this introspection will help you see that and you can make the change.

For those of you that answer and affirm that what you are doing is exactly what you want (and this is important) and love doing, then well done – you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You see if you understand what you are good at, what you love and what you want to do then it is easy to build a business or lead a team in a company.

It is when we do what we do out of necessisty that it all goes wrong.

I speak from experience here. I frequently apply the above to myself and although it is generally corrective as opposed to a major pivot, these corrections on a frequent basis ensure that I stay on the path.

If you or your company need a correction or help with some introspection – book a time with me and let me help you see what you may be missing.


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