Avoid the midday slump!

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As we tire during the day’s activity – our natural reaction is to chose the quickest and easiest option when making decisions.

This means (more often than not) we buy things we shouldn’t or make decisions that have a kick-in-the-teeth later on.

The lesson here is that when you plan your day (I hope you plan your day – this is another chat all together then if you don’t) chose the tasks that are going to require the highest mental usage and thought decisions – and make sure they happen in the morning.

Look at the medial or easy to do tasks in the afternoon.

The same applies to setting up meetings that require concentration or financial risk.

The contra is also true – if you sell or provide services that are opulent or expensive – afternoon and early evening is the time to promote these as people are tired and may make rash decisions which leads to Dollars in the bank!


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