Vote for yourself

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As there are talks of elections – or rather fights about power – it got me thinking.

Why don’t I become president?

No, I haven’t become Kanye West – I am deciding to be the leader of my world!

You see we spend so much time listening to how much people will do for us and what they will do for the world etc. etc. the realisation then hits home.

They don’t really give a shit about me. They just want my vote.

Well, I vote for me and my family. I vote for me and my business and most important of all; I vote for what is right for me, my family and all those important in my life.

There was a lot of me in today’s Deliaf, and I am not going to apologise for that. I want you to sit down today and think about you and your family, your world and what you need to do to make it awesome for you.

There may not be an “i” in TEAM but there sure is in UNIVERSE.

Go rule your Universe!


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