Don’t be Reasonable!

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Photo: Robert Kiyosaki

They teach us to be rational for a reason.

To make us like them.

Who are THEY? I am still trying to answer that but for now let’s say the teachers, lecturers, coaches etc.

To be great you need to buck the system.

Reason is the killjoy of invention and innovation.

I’m not suggesting anarchy or chaos, I’m talking about convention and rationalisation or reasoning.

I once worked for a company where all the Directors used a Business Coach. After a few sessions this coach turned around to me and said that he and the other Directors were worried about me as I was like a Salmon and swam in a different direction to the company.

He is no longer my coach and I left that company shortly thereafter.

You see business coaches and mentors are very valuable. Its one of the services I offer and use too.

Its making sure you have the right person doing the coaching or advising and that can take a couple of trial and errors. Never just do as you told, question and if the answers don’t make sense maybe it’s time to change something or someone.

If you try rationalise every decision you make you will eventually talk yourself out of doing what it is you really want to do and potentially cost the world the next big thing!

Please remember these posts are for positive reasons so I am not suggesting that you throw caution to the wind and place yourself or your family in potential financial or physical danger.

A little bit of risk can bring a lot of reward. I’m merely suggesting that if there seems to be more upside than down then maybe you don’t need to think anymore but rather go for it!


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