Can you hear me?

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You have all heard the saying – “Turn a blind eye”?

Well today I want you to practise being deaf!

Sometimes it is better to pretend not to hear than to reply or respond in anger.

Let that sink in for a minute and then see how that can apply to your business or personal life.

A scenario; someone walks into your office and you ask them a question and they respond with a suggestion that you may not think appropriate. The human or natural response is to lash out and if you are senior to this person, maybe even remind them of the fact.

Is this going to be productive?
Are either of you going to achieve anything? Are there any positive outcomes from these type of exchanges?

No – there isn’t.

This applies to your personal life as well.

Imagine sitting at home and you ask your son to do something and he tells you he is busy …

I am suggesting that sometimes it would place you well to be deaf.

By ignoring the response as if you did not hear it, you will not respond with anger or in frustration and then moving forward the calm and diffused situation will be far more productive (or relaxing depending on where you are) than if you had lashed out.

Now I am not suggesting that you ignore every little bit of conflict – I am saying pick your battles.

I have often received an email or had a phone call where I have paused (or bit my toungue) calmed down, processed and then if I need to; replied – doing so in a calm and collected way.

Heat of the moment is never good.

So this weekend, when you are at home, if someone says something that would normally illicit a vehement response, try pretend you didn’t hear it.

Trust me – you will see a better outcome than before.


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