Achieving the goal

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Are you a Deer?

Then stop staring into the headlights!

We are all so good at setting goals and then ….. it all becomes overwhelming.

This is the problem for 99% of us (me included).

The problem is that we stay in the moment – we stay in the point of drowning in our multiple tasks that we need to do to achieve big goals.

So how do we achieve the goals.

its actually quite simple.

tackle it 1 step at a time.

Planning is critical for this.

Lay out all the steps that you need to do to achieve the goal and then just focus on the step in front of you.

Our problem is that we trying sprint up the flight of stairs and the problem is it is a really really high and long one.

If you take it step by step and do the next step one after the next you will see that you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

This applies to everything – don’t think about achieving your sales goal; think about making the phone call to the next potential customer.

Want to start a diet, great – don’t map out every day of the week and all the food required – just start with one healthy meal a day.

Here is a question: “How do you eat and elephant?”


One bite at a time!

This applies to everything in life.

One step after the next


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Image: Divrei Derech

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