Are you injuring those around you?

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As someone that lives with and loves technology this is a really hard post for me to write.

It is however, necessary.

We are injuring ourselves and those around us.

No, I’m not talking about letting the kids spend too much time on their computers or phones (although that is definitely an issue), I am talking about how reliant we are becoming on tech and losing the ability to navigate our lives without it!

Are you crazy Brett?

Ok don’t believe me? Here’s a test:

Ask a team member to research a project and then drive to an address more than 30km away without using their phone or computer.

We already know the answer; they can’t!

Here’s another question: “Could you?”

Fortunately, I am old enough to have been around before computers and could, although a bit rusty, still survive in an analogue world.

Now I am not suggesting the zombie apoclypse is coming, but if it is, are you prepared?

I had this chat with my son (15 years old) and his response, as expected and hence writing this post was that he doesn’t have to worry as he does have a phone, tablet and computer(s).

Again, don’t judge me…

So I responded and said – what if I took you somewhere with no electricity or network signal?

He responded asking why I don’t love him anymore!

Jokes aside, what would you do?

What if you needed to solve a problem for a client and did not have access to your tech?

Analogue skills and doing things offline are important.

More so, to develop and grow we need to be able to actually think and so, relying on Siri or Google doesn’t allow us to do this.

So this weekend, here’s the challenge: Read a book (physical not a kindle) or do a puzzle or anything that requires some brain exercise without the assistance of tech.

Remember it’s only 48 hours and then you back online and connected.


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