If you are busy, you are unproductive

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How busy are you. Everyone walks around saying “I am so busy”!

What are you busy doing?

Are you busy checking your email?

Are you busy replying to all the likes on Facebook?

Are you checking your Insta?

This is not busy! This is unproductive!

Today’s post seems to be a bit aggressive but there’s a reason for it. We all walk around being busy but it’s time that you understand the difference between being busy and being productive.

You see the letter is when you actually get shit done!

We can all be busy, I’ve listed a couple of examples above of what gobbles up time. But are you productive?

At the end of the day can you sit back and say “Wow that was a good day, I achieved a lot”?

Or, do you sit at the end of the day and say “Where did the day go, I was so busy and yet I have still got so much to do”!

We all have this problem, it’s how you deal with it that will make the difference between being productive and being busy.

We can choose to be busy or we can choose to get it done.

I prefer to get stuff done. I prefer at the end of the day to sit back and go that was a good day.

So from now on stop telling people you are busy, stop telling yourself you have no time, just go out and get it done.

Remember every single person has the same amount of time each day. The difference is the successful people get stuff done.

Which are you?


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