Familiarity breeds …

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Nope not contempt. Actually. The answer is nothing!

Let me explain.

When a relationship between employer and employee moves towards the familiar zone the willingness to learn or acquire knowledge diminishes.

Take training.

If you are in the training business your staff are likely not going to ask you for advice. Why?
Well for them it’s what you do and therefore it’s work.

So, if you need to motivate or train your team you need to bring in outsiders.

Even if you have more knowledge than the person coming in, chances are they will get through to the team better than you will.

I do this all the time, a lot of the time the material I present is given to me or the topic and themes as well as the desired outputs are discussed and agreed before hand.

So, if you need to get the team motivated or trained don’t do it yourself as this is just work for them and so they see it to be compulsory.

Bring in someone.

If you looking for someone, send me a message.


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