Steve Job’s method to achieving success

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The most valuable thing you have is not your money, wealth etc – it is your attention!

Focus is the key to success.

This is the most critical part of what wealthy and successful people do the best.

It is easy for us to get distracted and lose focus.

This is not just losing attention, but not being focussed on what you actually do.

We can all do everything, but the successful only do one thing and do it incredibly well.

Don’t waste time doing lots of things pursuing a goal, do one thing and crush the goal.

Focusing is not about saying yes, it’s actually about saying no!

Say no to the 100 other things and good ideas that are there – chose the one, focus on the one, execute on the one!

You will be amazed how much you can achieve when you truly focus.

Saying no is saying yes to your success.


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