Timely advice part 1 of 5

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The kind of advice we probably need to impart to the sub-30’s

School wasn’t your real education – this is a maturation machine – how to prosper or how to succeed is probably not based on what you learnt at school!

Learn about yourself and what you can do to improve yourself – make a better you.

But – you do need to develop actual skills! Not just passion; actual real skills.

One of the best skils to learn is Sales.

Learn how to present, overcome obstacles, how to deal with rejection.

Everything in life is actually sales!

Think about it – you have to sell your ideas or self to others – so learn to sell sell sell.

Who ever sells better; Wins

Learn to sell hard things like life insurance or timeshare. Live in person or over the phone.

You will learn the new meaning of rejection, I promise.

This builds skill and thickens the skin big time.

Close the deal. Sell it!


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