Be like a Ball!

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I wrote about remaining calm under pressure yesterday and thought to myself maybe it was a bit to direct or instructional.

So today I thought a bit of a warmer overlay to the handling of pressure and situations.

Everyone falls. If you think of it like a ball though. When you drop a ball, it bounces.

Be like a ball. It’s much easier to just go splat – but is that what you really want?

Would you not rather tuck in and get ready to bounce back up and even higher? It’s how we look at failure and falling. How we prepare and most importantly how we bounce back.

I was talking about remaining calm under pressure and this is still required, but I thought it important to elaborate that once you are through the storm, the next step is to bounce back.

A true leader leads. They are calm under pressure, decisive in their decision making and equally important, know how to come back from the fall.

When you fall; Come back harder, stronger and higher.


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