Want to help your future self?

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It’s easy for us to talk ourselves out of “in the moment” choices.

It’s much easier to not pack the dishes away from the dishwasher than to actually have to deal with them, right?

Well what about your future self?

Yesterday I talked about how our future self can help us so let’s return the favour.

When you come home from a hard a day at the office – you won’t have to empty the dishwasher if you already have done it.

Nice hey?

So – by helping your future self you are actually freeing up time for him or her to spend that time doing more important things instead of the chores or tough choices that you could have, nah, should have done.

Imagine coming to work and your desk is empty and ready to go instead of arriving and trying to get through yesterday’s clutter.

Its super easy and pays so many dividends.

Gift your future self something from your current self and see how happy you are in the future.

I do this every week – prep on a Sunday to kick start Monday at full speed.


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