What matter most; Talent or Drive?

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The obvious answer is that you need both.

However – one is more significantly important than the other.

The probable answer comes down to will they love your company and business?

If they love your product or business or what you do then this is more important.

Using an example of a military reference – a soldier fights for his country, a mercenary fights for a pay check.

A soldier will fight for the country at all costs, A mercenary could be bought by the enemy as they are motivated by money only.

See the difference.

The things you are actually looking for are:

Heart, the love for what they do or believe in.

Smart – the intelligence of the individual and how they apply it and

Guts – ambition and drive and continual striving for success.

So if you are hiring apply the above and equally if you are firing… apply the above.

Today’s Deliaf was penned as it is ANZAC Day here in Australia and New Zealand.

Lest we Forget!


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