Are you stuck? Part 1 of 3

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It’s been awhile since I did a multiple post. Thinking about this I couldn’t condense it into just one day.

There are three points I want to mention today:

  1. Have you surrendered? This is the obvious one and unfortunately the reason most people give up. Do you find everything too hard? Hitting a few bumps in the road? So you want to just quit cause its easy, right? Well not on my watch! The moment you feel like giving up means you are stuck! This is the time to speak to someone. Reaffirm what you set out to do and find the initial reason for starting. Do not surrender. Dig deep, hold on and fight!
  2. Maybe part of the problem is because you are in a routine? I am not saying routines are bad, in fact actually the opposite, I am a fan of a routine. I am saying that the routine itself is wrong. If you keep doing something and not getting the results you desire then you need to change the routine.
  3. Are you chicken? This is the sucker punch! However, it needs to be asked. We are genetically programmed to be scared of change. So if you are in a routine and you are in a certain mind set, it is really hard to change it as it is a scary proposition. If the routine or mindset is like those described above, bad news; you have lost!
    You need to grow a pair and step up. Being comfortable is not the key to being successful. I have spoken about this before. You have to continually keep yourself in a state of discomfort. Think about your comfortable couch and remote control. Is there where you do business? I’m pretty sure it isn’t!
    It’s getting up early, the commute to the office or client, walking in the rain without an umbrella, standing in front of people you don’t know and pitching that wins business. This is where you win and there is nothing comfortable about it!

I work with a lot of my clients on putting the above into practice. Maybe you just need someone to have a look from an external point of view. Book a time with me and let’s get you unstuck.

See you tomorrow for part 2.


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