Know how to craft great experiences?

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In order for an experience to be great, it needs to be created not just attended.

The foreplay if you like is more important that the actual experience. There needs to be a lead-up to the big event.

You see this does a few things – first off, it creates the hype. It builds the excitement and then ensures that the event is the crescendo.

The other reason for this is that it gives you more time to spend with your clients. You could just send out an email saying: “Want to come to the box and watch the game on Saturday?” or you can ask what size jersey they wear on Monday, send the jersey on Wednesday, send a picture book on Friday and then the big event is the next day – not only is this a fun build up, but it will be memorable and you will be associated with that memory.

So, when planning an event, make it an experience and one that will be worth remembering (and attending).


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