Pain for gain

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Image: Mary lebone

The old saying no pain no gain doesn’t only apply to the sports field or gym.

As leaders we tend to be parental with our teams.

The problem is that if they fail – we need to let them feel the burn!

If someone misses their sales target – don’t start with “It’s ok, you will do better next time…”

Tell then you are dissapointed. Ask them what they plan to do about it to fix it.

Don’t advise them, don’t dismiss it.

Let the pain singe them.

I know you are probably thinking I have gone mad and that I am normally about being positive and solid reinforcement; you are wrong!

This is exactly what I am doing. I am encouraging you to let the pain equal the gain.

One of two things will happen, the person will dig in deeper and rise to the occasion or miss the targets again and leave.

Remember – we are in business to win. Winning requires us to learn constantly and if we don’t learn from the lows, we can’t enjoy and strive for the highs.

Your job is to ensure the team (or yourself) have what is needed to achieve the goals, not actually go do it for them.


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