Avoid being automated

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As technology grows and advances at the rapid rate it is growing at we used to see entry or medial jobs being replaced by automation.

Now we are seeing software facilitate or even replace medium point jobs too!

We don’t need lots of accountants as the software can do the “bookkeeping function” – so just one to over see.

We don’t need lots of stock-brokers as again, software can do the predictions and calculations faster than any person can – so an overseer or manager is all that is required.

The trend I am elaborating here is that we need leaders, more than ever, as we do and always will need humans to make sure the robots and software are doing what they need to do.

So the role of the leader is what will be the difference between being needed or being replaced.

Now is the time to ensure you not only know how to lead but that those around you know you are the only person for the job!


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