Are you stuck? Part 2 of 3

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Yesterday I covered 3 reasons (read here)or points as to why you may be stuck.

Here is the rest :

  1. Do you take things for granted? Opportunities open up but you don’t do anything and guess what? The doors close and never open again – so when luck comes your way – take it! This happened with our house we just got, we have been looking for awhile in an incredibly tough market and we were offered a house and instead of thinking about it and all the things we didn’t like or want, we thought about all the things we did like and that it ticked enough boxes for us; we did it and we are in. Business is no different. When an opportunity presents itself, go for it. Get unstuck and take advantage of the offer in front of you before your competitor does.
  2. How good are your excuses? It’s easy to say “I don’t know how…”. Anything you need is available on the internet. The truth is you are actually scared to take the action required. Try baby steps. One step at a time rather than being stuck motionless (and not progressing). This is still a movement in the right direction even if it is slow.
  3. Need a mirror? Does your ego cause you to not make decisions? I have spoken about this before. You are more worried about what people think or see you to be or are trying to live up to! Acceptance and status are two massive traps – this is one that plagues most people and really can stick you fast and firm. You need to put this in check. You don’t have to look good to do good but you have to be good at what you do.
  4. Are you stuck in the past? Do you keep revisiting and referring to things that are no more? They have happened and won’t happen again. Yesterday is yesterday – you can’t go back so why try? Make your peace and get on with it. Cry, punch things, scream or jump around on the spot. Do whatever you need to to get it out of your system and mind. This is also often caused by fatigue. Are you are tired? Tired of doing what you doing? Tired of those around you? Just tired?
    This is always going to make you stuck! Take a break. Step back and stop everything. Recharge, review, reinvent and revitalise.

See you tomorrow for the last part of this series.


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