Taking responsibility for you part 1 of 5

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Last week I said I would look at how we can take responsibility for us. So lets do it over the week.

You are the reason you are where you are now!

It’s not a cause of events or companies you work for or friends you have.

Everything that is wrong is your fault
If you don’t have cash it’s your fault
If you don’t have friends or not happy with your body….

It’s your fault!

What you did.
What you didn’t do and
How you react to what happened to you is why you are where you are right now!

When you can take responsibility for everything you have or haven’t got – you are on the right path to correcting and moving forward.

It is easier to blame someone or something else – and guess what – your situation doesn’t change.

You can acknowledge that you may have made some bad decisions and this is why you are where you are.

But both of these still won’t make a difference!

You are still making excuses rather than taking ownership!

It is incredibly liberating when you realise that everything is your fault but equally – that you can change it if you really want to.

This week we will look at how to make those changes.


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