How to handle stress

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Image: Executive Secretary

We are all stressed at the moment and this is understandable as there is a lot going on.

Here is a couple of pieces of advice.

  1. Stop whining and start doing. Actions relieve tension. Try it – go and do something – you will feel better. Sitting around moaning about what you not doing or what is not going right is not going to help.
  2. Quit trying to control everything. You can’t so don’t try. Rather see what you can do to navigate the situation and push for a better outcome.
  3. Do what you can and accept what you can’t – it really is that easy. I have spoken about this before. Once you can accept that you can’t control everything you will find yourself more in control.
  4. Lighten up! The weight of the world is actually not on your shoulders – I promise.

We will remember this time for years to come but probably won’t remember the small independent variables (the things that currently seem like mountains) so don’t let them consume you.


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