Want to unlock future success?

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Yesterday I spoke about the fake you (and everyone else).

Here’s a thought for the weekend.

What does your body mind and soul need less of?


What does it need more of?

Weekends are for reflection – it’s to pause, look back at the week and also plan for the week ahead along with taking a bit of a break.

So – mind, body and soul are key components in this decision.

To unlock future success, we need to look at these 3 components:

Body – the physical protection of ourselves. We need to ensure that we are getting more of what our bodies need while reducing the toxins we don’t. Exercise more and drink less.

Mind- we need to learn how to switch off. It is also important to keep the mind full – read, learn and evolve.

Soul – probably the most important of the 3. If you are content. If your spirit is happy then the chances of the body and mind being healthy are increased.

Learn how to find inner peace. This is not to be confused with the mind – I am talking about a sub-concious level here. This is the calming of the noise and the increaing of happiness.

Find what it is that makes your soul happy and do more of it.

Getting this right will unlock future success. It will guarantee future success.

The last thing I wanted to mention is the definition of success.

This is not only a monetary measure. This is not only a measure of performance or attainment.

Success is actually the measure of a desired outcome. I want to spend more time with my family. If I achieve this, I have succeeded. I want to play more Golf, I want to spend more time talking to friends, I want to finish the book I am reading.

These are all measures of success.

So this weekend, sit down and ask yourself – What 3 things are you missing and then set plans to achieve these and in turn, gain future success.

The last last point I would like to highlight is that if you can get this right, chances are that you will find more “success” in the other areas or more common definitions of success as if you have a healthy body, mind and soul; chances are that you will perform better in business and all other activities hence gaining even more success.


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