Do you know the key to making tough decisions?

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The hardest decisions are usually the unpopular ones. So, like removing a band-aid, do it quickly!

The longer you think about making a decision the more time you will have of changing your mind and not making it.

Remember your brain is designed to protect you at all cost – so the longer you allow yourself to think the more likely you will talk yourself out of making this unpopular decision.

A word of caution however, if you think a decision is going to be deemed so unpopular, but you know it to be the right one, you may want to seek council with your inner circle.

This is not to dissuade you but to affirm the logic you used in arriving at this decision.

Your brain will equally kill off productive ideas if it means risk to you – and this risk could be giving up your job, selling and moving on or any life changing decision.

Risk is usually necessary for growth or success, however, careless or reckless is not what you want to be!


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