Are you using all your tools?

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This is a different thinking on some of the things I often write about.

We are all the same, with the same opportunities and the same possibilities.

In Utero that is.

Once we are born circumstances and even medical conditions can come into play, but if we take a general overview, most of us had the same opportunities to make something of ourselves.

Did you?

Are you still building?

Or worse, have you given up?

Let’s look at one of the things I mentioned above – if there were exceptional circumstances and/or medical or physical afflictions that may have come into play; Did you use this as an excuse for not succeeding?

I alway go to the helen Keller story at this moment in time.

If you don’t know who she is – you can read about her here :

If anyone had the odds against them, surely it was her?

Yet, look at what she went on to do and achieve.

So, are you using all your tools?

Ask yourself and then when you realise you are not, change.


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