Rise to the Challenge!

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We owe it to ourselves to never back down.

So if you staring down the barrel of a gun this probably doesn’t apply unless you Chuck Norris. The thinking is that when a challenge is presented, face it head on.

Don’t back down. It’s disrespectful to yourself.

Rise to the challenge, not the occasion. The difference is not always clear-cut. Occasions, like seasons, come and go; a Challenge is a lot longer and requires more commitment and effort.

“Sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the war”- Sun Tzu.

This is basically saying that sometimes there will be battles we can’t win. How we lose and what we do afterwards will make it possible for us to still win the bigger challenge.

There is only 2 things that can happen. You win or you lose. On both outcomes there is a commonality: you learn!


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