So when do you decide to quit?

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Yesterday I spoke about the difference between failure and quitting.

Positive energy, dream catcher and anything else you want to use is not going to help you win the lottery. The only way to win the lottery, is to quit playing it!

Yip – that’s the guaranteed solution.

You see by quiting this – you are freeing up your time to be available for other things.

This is not failing, this is quitting.

Understanding that giving up the wrong things, which is the hardest thing to do will help you get onto the path of doing the right things.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you doing what you are doing because you think that it is what you “should” do? – This is generally because you parents told you that you should be doing X or your friends tell everyone how good you are at Y.
  2. Are you still loving what you are doing? No ? Then quit.
  3. If it’s just not working. No one wants to invest, people don’t want to work with you and customers don’t want to buy.
  4. Are you chasing sunk costs? Rather quit and save some costs – forget about your ego. Lick the wounds and move on (while you still can).
  5. This is the most important one. FEAR! You are scared of what people will think of you. What will happen in the future and so on.

Remember what I said yesterday, quitting is not losing. Losing is when it is too late to quit!


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