The big idea

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I often get asked and ask myself this quite often.

“How do I find the next big idea?”

The reality is – the big idea is already in you!


The secret though, is to find the trigger that unlocks it.

In my experience it is limiting time.

An example: If you have a project or a deadline that can not be moved, you change your mindset from a “need to do” into a “have to do”.

Come 8 o’clock on Friday you HAVE to hand in the project. This means you will need to do whatever it takes or there will be consequences (and these could be life-threatening).

By pushing ourselves into an uncomfortable stress level, we move into a different level of consciousness and unlock potential we didn’t know we had.

Well, actually, you did, you just needed the swift kick in the butt to do it.

In order to find out what is buried inside your mind, you have to move into a finite deadline with time.

Another, more morbid example, if someone is to be executed on a specified day, chances are that they will write down or detail everything that they feel is important or needs to be shared with others. In this exercise, things will manifest that you probably didn’t even know where buried in your mind.

I have spoken about harnessing stress before. We are living in stressful times and most of us are already on the “edge” – push yourself just over it and see how much more you can actually achieve!


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