You are the Company’s Bottleneck?

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Yip. It is you!

The only reason a company is constrained is because of you!

No matter how big or small your organisation is, how many people you employ, you will always be the object that stops or hampers growth!

You see, you need to do the one thing that you do and do it well!

Stop trying to do everything in the company. Hire awesome people or appoint contractors to do it for you.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself ” What do you do and what do you do well”?

Then once you have the answer, do it and stop doing the other 95% of the things that are sucking your time and removing you from the thing that you do that makes it rain!

I know this is not easy when you are a small business or starting out, I walk in these shoes everyday, but the reality is if you really appreciate and understand the principle of time is money (I wrote about this previously), then you will know that spending money on people that do what they do well will not only expedite everything but give you time to continue doing what you need to in order to grow and prosper.

It’s good to know how to do things, it’s even better to understand how things are done, but this doesn’t mean you have to actually do it!


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