Why you can’t get no satisfaction?

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No, I’m not going to start singing the Beatles song.

The simple answer is that evolution has seen to it that we are continually unsatisfied.

It is this that causes us to strive and work harder.

If we were satisfied there would be no progress in the world as we would all be sitting around doing nothing.

There are a couple of drivers to consider here. One is boredom. We would rather do things we don’t actually want to rather than be bored.

Negative events also drive us to work harder. By looking out for the negatives we move toward the positive. Sounds strange but think about it – if we weren’t worried about our security we would not have invented all the things we have to keep us safe.

So, be grateful that you are not satisfied – be grateful that you still want stuff but most important of all – learn how to manage it and make sure that you are not discontent. It is good to harness the drive of seeking satisfaction but make sure you don’t push too fast past the needle as this will actually lead to negative outcomes.


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