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Yesterday I told you to stop looking ahead and rather to pause and refocus.

I thought about it.

Maybe – not all of you were thinking about hump-day as the start of the downhill to the weekend but rather that you are tired and need to “make it” to the weekend.

This is probably worse than letting yourself get distracted about the parties and activities of the weekend.

You may need a break!

Now this is not an excuse for you to take your foot of the gas!

This is me asking that if you did stop or pause like I suggested and found that you couldn’t refocus, then maybe you actually do need a break.

This is important.

You are no good to anyone nor yourself if you are burnt out or about to burn out.

It is not weak to say you need a break, it’s normal!

So if this is your situation, start planning how your business will continue for a short period without you and plan a holiday.

Pause or reset – you decide which you need and then do it. However, plan it properly so that you don’t come back to mess.


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