How to motivate others part 1 of 3

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You don’t!

Yip – it’s not your job to motivate them based on what you think will motivate them.

You need to find out what they actually want and what they strive for and then help them get to these goals while still helping you achieve yours.

This sounds a lot easier than it actually is and even more so as you can not flat out just ask “What makes you tick?”

The idea works because it feels (and actually is) natural.

By helping your team achieve their goals while doing work or working is an incredibly gratifying feeling for them and one that will subconsciously drive them to work even harder as they are seeing a direct correlation between input and output.

Think back to the days when your manager said to you : ” If we all work hard then we will be able to all go and play a round of golf at “x” course.”

First off – do you play golf? I actually do – but I can assure you that a round of golf at “x” even if it is an amazing course, is not really going to incentivise me to hit the targets I need to hit. Further, most of the team in this scenario definitely did not play golf so he was trying to motivate us to achieve a goal so that he could get what he wanted rather than allowing us to organically get what we actually wanted.

We are all different and are driven by different things.

As an exemplary leader – you need to understand and cater for these while doing so incognito.


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