Timely advice part 5 of 5

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Image: Kitchen and Bathroom designers institute

This is the last of the series- and hopefully the most important.

Life will be defined by the choices we make all the way along the journey!

Who you chose to hang out with will shape you and who you become in life.

Who we spend our time with determines what we talk about, opinions we share, what we read and watch and so on and so on.

We become like them and they like us.

This is not a one off interaction with someone (which can also affect you but that’s a different discussion). This is your cumulative association.

Depending on where you are in life think about your friends/ colleagues/ family that you hang with.

Now think about the commonalities and actions, successes and failures.

You will see that there is similarities and that these are not per chance but rather by association.

It may not be too late to change these if need be.

I’m not suggesting you tell your life-long friend to take a hike! I am suggesting that you look at what you are getting or not getting from them.


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