Can a leader be an Introvert?

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Sure – why not?

Where does it say in the rule book that a leader has to be loud or extroverted?

Is a good leader someone who shouts and rants and raves?

Does a good leader have to be someone that is front and centre and leading the conversation?

The answer is no.

A great leader is someone that has and earns the respect of his subordinates. He or she is someone that people want to follow.

I can assure you this is not because they are the first people up on the stage at a karaoke bar.

A good leader needs to do what they do well and with the best possible outcomes in whatever situation they find them or their company in.

So, if you are shy or introverted this is not a handicap nor is it a sign of weakness.

Most leaders are actually introverts – they are “thrust” onto the public stage not by choice but as a requirement of the job.

Think about all the great leaders of successful companies – they are generally introverts, right?

So, don’t worry about a personality trait when trying to be the best leader you and your company can get, focus on what needs to be done to be a successful leader and nail that!


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