Do you know how to capture people’s hearts?

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This is about keeping the people (that you want) in your business.

People need to believe in the mission. Talent now want to be part of something bigger and special not just earn a pay check. They don’t just drink the KoolAid anymore they now question everything.

Make sure that as a leader, you are believable – make sure you or your leaders are the best. People don’t want to work for bad or weak leaders.

How are your values? This is important if you want to keep and or attract top talent. It can’t be something on paper- it needs to be visible through out the company.

Combat boredom – if they are bored they will leave.

It’s an overall holistic approach that allows your team to feel that their lives are inter-twined with their work; values and beliefs are shared.

The last consideration should be obvious: The team must get on with each other.

I have a system called the Christmas Lunch – book a time with me and I will take you through it – it will help with recruiting and retaining, I promise!


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