Super Achievers part 2 of 5

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Image: Boldomatic

We not designed to cope with pressure but we can thrive on it!

If you can use this to make you run its like Nitro boost to an engine.

The fear of being found out that may not be the right person for the job or that you may not be doing what you supposed to be doing can be harnessed and used to fuel your success.

I am not suggesting that deceit is the rule of the day, but if you know you can do the job and may not be “qualified”, go for it. The worst that can happen is you get fired.

The above can lead to success however as you are running on fear and stress. If you can learn to harness this and not give in to it you will see succeed.

Think of a rollercoaster; you know you are safe but you still get scared, especially at the start. Business is the same. It is how we handle and harness the uncomfortable that makes us come out the other side.


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