How to slap a crisis in the face part 1 of 5?

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While planning this week’s thoughts and ideas for the daily posts I decided that I would make a whole week of posts about the topic of crisis and crisis management so here we go.

We can’t predict the future. The world is currently facing a lot of doom and gloom. Prices are rising, countries are at war, the post -Covid crisis etc.

Here’s a news flash – we have never been able to predict the future so this is no different to any other time in our lives – it is normal.

You don’t know when you going to have a heart attack. You don’t know when you are going to meet your next big client. You don’t even know when you will meet your future wife.

But – you will meet them, you could have a health scare and you will meet your future clients (or you will be out of business) when it is time.

The point is, it’s ok to not know what is going to happen. This is normal and as soon as you can accept this then you can get on with getting on rather than worrying about what is happening.

There has been a financial crisis in the past and there will be again in the future.

The secret is to be aware of what is happening but not to fear it or take rash decisions.

Uncertainty is normality – so – be uncertain and know that you are normal.

So if you are feeling a bit scared or worried about the current status quo – just remember it is the same for everyone. If you can master the art of remaining calm and focused regardless of the surrounding conditions you will have an advantage over many as while they are frozen and staring at the headlights you will be wheeling and dealing with less competition.


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