When is it time to quit?

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This is a difficult one for me as this whole journey is about not failing or if you have failed how to turn it around.

(If you didn’t know – Deliaf is the world Failed backwards).


There are lots of good times to quit. Remember quitting and failure are not synonymous.

Winners quit all the time.

Failing is when you don’t know when to quit, winning is when you do!

I need to repeat that quitting is not failing!

Here are 6 signs :

  1. It’s just not working – you may be the only one that loves what you do.
  2. The money doesn’t make sense – cashflow, cost to produce etc – just don’t add up.
  3. The market is not there – you may think its there but looking and the points above, maybe it’s not.
  4. You hate your life – the thrill is not there anymore – you don’t like what you are doing, what you are doing or anything about your current status – what you do for work should be an extension of you not a limitation of what you should or could be. Ask yourself:- Would you be happier without doing what you are currently do?
  5. Are you doing what you doing because you think you should be doing it? Maybe you started on this journey because someone told you that you would be good at it.
  6. This is the difficult one – sometimes you need to leave even when things are going well. You have heard of people, especially sports people, quitting at the top of the game not on their decline or even worse, at the bottom.

What is important though above the above, is that if you are not feeling this permanently then it may not be the time to quit. A temporary or emotional set back is not necessarily time to throw in the towel.

I help people all the time with this so if you need to readjust or get a second opinion, Book a Session with me.

This is a bit heavy for a Friday but I want you to think about this over the weekend and then decide how or what you will or won’t be doing next week!


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