How to increase longevity – part 6 of 6

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I hope you had a great weekend and really thought about the last weeks posts.

So – the big reveal.

We need to belong!

To be accepted and be essential to something greater than ourselves.

We are not wired to function as individuals – we need to be part of a tribe.

Without this need or belonging we get depressed and then overdoses and suicides become the norm.

This is heavy for a Monday, I know, but it’s important as we start our week to realise and identify those that need to belong and make a plan to bring them into a circle or group.

These are very difficult times for us all and that’s why I wanted to stress this point at a start to the week.

Stand up (Longevity part 1 from last monday, remember), and make sure that you are not alone and look for those that might be and reach out.

If you are still isolating, or even better just come out, find someone that needs to talk, have a coffee, or just see and interact with another person.

Live long, live together and be strong.


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