Do you know when not to quit?

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Ok. So we talked about quitting and now its probably good to know when not to quit.

You don’t quit when it’s hard!

Life is hard
Love is hard
Work is hard

Hard is when the test begins!

Remember – it’s not going to be or even supposed to be fun every day.

In fact – it will be tedious more often than not!

I love writing these posts – but its not fun thinking about what to write or actually sitting down and writing it!

See what I mean?

Remember – its gonna suck 95% of the time!

Its the 5% that makes it worthwhile and why you do it.

Hard is valuable – if it was easy – everyone would do it.

Sometimes it is a pivot that is required rather than quitting.

Look at Netflix – they didn’t stop renting movies, they pivoted to streaming movies to you instead!

So if its hard or tedious you don’t quit – you hunker down and push through because the rewards outweigh the strain.

Lastly, sometimes you are too deep in what you are doing to see the opportunities. This is where I come in to it. Set up a time with me and let’s unpack the opportunities as opposed to just throwing in the towel.


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