Do you know how to promote people properly?

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Most people are promoted for the wrong reasons!

Maybe they are smart and/or have a degree?

Maybe they were good in a different company and now they have been promoted in your company?

This unfortunately is the not the key ingredient for someone to be promoted.

The key understanding is that there is a massive difference between being a producer and a leader.

So many people get appointed as leaders because of their personal results.

The problem is that they are not necessarily leaders. They will tend to be micro-managers, or do things themselves as this is what they did for themselves.

I have a client who owns a few successful businesses yet he is not even in the C-suite of these companies. He is the rainmaker and is happy at doing so.

Once it starts raining, others much better qualified than him, take over and he goes looking to close the next deal.

So today – think about your business and ask yourself honestly; Should you be running your company (not because its yours, but because you are the best leader for it)?

Chances are the answer is no. So it’s time then to find a leader to lead you and the company and take it to the next step.

It is hard to make this honest decision and even harder when you are not sure yourself. Let me help you. Book a time with me and we can unpack your business and the roles along with the personalities required to lead it.


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