What happens when you hit your goals?

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The problem with goals is when we hit them do we actually know what to do next?

To many people are goal oriented and when they achieve their goals the motivation to continue also disappears.

The drive, the challenge, the sleepless nights etc – all stops when this goal is hit!

So what do you do about it?

Simple – focus on growth not goals!

It is just a shift of what the goal importance is – let me clarify.

The goal is the achievment of your growth.

Growth never ends like a goal does.

Soccer players don’t stop when they score a goal (yes that is literal) – they push harder to extend the lead.

Learning to love the journey or process means that you don’t focus on the end (goal) but rather the best experience along the way (growth).

I love games and gaming – the best games for me are platform games and these are never-ending – I get continual enjoyment knowing I will never run out of fun.

So, set one goal; Growth!

The milestones along the way should be what you previously called goals and now look at them as wins!


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