Are we still human?

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This week I have written about time for yourself, not working with family and what your face can do to sell you out! Clearly the long weekend was spent introspecting (even if I wasn’t aware of).

So I though for today, going into the weekend, we need to ask ourselves; Are we still human?

This is important as the key differentiator between us and most animals is the need to belong, love and receive acknowledgment or appreciation.

This is something we probably don’t do enough and are always so busy we forget to do the simple things in life.

Although this may seem too planned for some of you, why not right a couple of reminders for your self in your schedules to acknowledge or compliment some of the people in your life or employees in your businesses?

Imagine walking into the office after sitting in traffic and feeling a bit frustrated or uptight and your boss comes up to you and says; “Hey, great job on the X project, the client is super chuffed and so are we, keep up the good work!”

Yip, traffic blues out the window, right? Now your day, which is just starting, will be super-charged instead of having the gloomy cloud and moaning hanging over you for the better part of the morning.

In this machine led, data driven world, the human touch is even more important than ever before.

Don’t wait, do it today, make someone’s day and lead them into a great start for the weekend.


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