Want to know how to be a better leader?

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I have spoken about motivating, winning and making better choices this past week.

But how do we lead better?

The simple answer – Identify the current emotional state of your team.

What are they talking about? Is it generally positive or is it negative?

Redirect the conversations – don’t find answers;listen.

You need to ask leading questions and then most important of all; listen to the answers.

These answers are the nuggets that will help you lead better and if there are problems, then you will know what to do to fix things (where need be).

Finally, Lead!

After all that’s what you are supposed to be doing.

Do as I do, not do as I say. Lead the way you want your team to react.

It’s critical that you use all the above techniques in tangent or you will still not fix the problems and possibly have no one to lead as they will leave.

Remember people follow a leader that resonates or does (not says) what it is they perceive he or she should be doing. They want to follow people that understand and are aligned with their needs.


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