Do you know how to say NO?

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To your Boss or a Bossy client?

If you don’t, just ask my wife – she is good at saying No 😉

Remember your Boss or Client wants what they want done as fast and accurately as possible. They also probably don’t know (or care) what else you have on your plate!

The secret, always say Yes!

Then follow up with a question:

“I have x y and z on my to do list – which one should I push out for this new request”? or “Sure, I was going to be doing these 3 things this week – which should I move out to next week to accommodate this new request”?

You see when you help them identify what you have in your schedule (probably from them) and let them decide which is the most important you are not saying no but making them make the decision of what is really important.

If you keep saying yes, you will just be increasing your stress and if they are not aware that you are already drowning, they will just continue to add more to the pile.

This works for multiple bossess and clients too.

You say yes and then advise the Boss that you working on a high priority project for the other Boss and ask if you should email and cc them asking if you can stop the current project to work on theirs. Same for a client, advise them that you are finishing a project for another client and will get to it as soon as this is done unless they think you should do both and deliver both at lower quality given the time constraints.

Start with yes but don’t just do it.


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