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As a leader we have to realise something.

You lead people and not products!

People are emotionally driven (EQ) and in such how we handle them, lead them and engage with them will make all the difference to the company.

It is common practice (and human nature) to scold or reprimand when people mess up.

The long term effects of this could scar an individual to the point that they never achieve the greatness they were destined for.

The old saying ”don’t kick him when he is down” refers to physical abuse but in this day and age it is more apt to apply it to the mental state.

If a team fails in a project and costs you significant amounts of money the natural response is punitive.

A fresh approach would be to unpack it and look for the positive aspects. Highlight these and communicate and acknowledge them to the distressed team.

Then clarify the position and ask what the intended next steps are.

This approach won’t replace the losses but it will empower the team to pick themselves up and do even better and greater things.

We will all have failed projects or product development in our careers. What we learn from these and how we move forward from them will set you apart from others.


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