Passion shows purpose

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One of the best traits that you can have is passion.

You see whether you are passionate about something you love or passionate about something you do as long as this is conveyed honestly in theory and most important of all consistently you will have the respect of all those around you including your competitors.

There are many instances in life where we don’t like someone or something but you can’t help following what it is that they are doing or what the product offers.

The reason for this is none other than we tend to gravitate to those that totally believe in what they are doing or what they are selling.

Take Steve Jobs from Apple.

Whether you liked him or hated him was not important, you had to respect the man because in all of his weird and wonderfuls he was a pure genius and he made Apple the company that it is.

This is not me being the fan boy and I’ve often said the man had truly horrible traits in fact he didn’t like to shower and go weeks if not months without cleaning himself.

Does this make Apple a bad product? Does this make you want to not by Apple products? Does this make Apple any less valuable than it is?

The point that I’m making is that in order for us as consumers to buy what other people are selling we have to believe 100% that person or spokesperson is selling and the brand itself also speaks our language.

Passion is what fuels sports fans. Passion is what makes movies memorable. Passion is what makes people collect things. Passion is what makes the earth turn.

Be passionate, share the passion.


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