Can you commit to being excellent?

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When you do a task – do you do it perfectly?

An example – making a cup of coffee – do you just throw a spoon of instant coffee into a cup and stir or do you fire up the coffee maker (you know the one that was a gift but you never use) wait for the temperature to be just right, grind fresh beans and use the milk-frother?

They both will deliver the same amount of caffeine but one is clearly better than the other, right?

What about when you file your paperwork? Do you drop it in a folder and slam the filing draw closed or do you ensure the documents all face the same way, have clearly marked tabs and colour coding?

There are many other examples but the point I am trying to get across today is that the how you do things will be a reflection on how you succeed in life.

The effort you put into tasks no matter how big or small will discipline you in everything you do in life.

These are important mind adjustments to make from early on in your life. It’s never too late but always better to get this into practice as soon as possible.

If you put 100% effort into everything you do you will not only succeed at what you do but you will be the first pick of those around you as they know how you do what you do.

This is why you do it. Not only for yourself but to show those around you that you are a winner and in such someone to follow.


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