Leader or manager?

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A lot of people think this is the same person.

Sorry, its not.

A Manager manages – duh!

This is a person who has an authoritative position which in turn makes you subordinate to them and their requests.

A Leader is someone you want to follow as they make you feel like you have learnt or inspire you to do or be.

The difference all comes down to one main thing!

The right answer.

But here is the kicker – the manager will give you the answer the leader will ask you for it.

Empowerment is the single most successful trait that a person can learn from a leader or better yet you can share with your team.

When someone asks you for an answer – if you give it to them you are not empowering them but rather making them clones of yourself.

No one benefits here.

Ask them what they think, start the dialogue and then come up with solutions based on their feedback and then develop a solution,


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