Want to know how to end office stress?

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Productivity and focus depends on the environment or space you are working in.

This is one of the biggest contributors to stress in the workplace.

Here is an example of what can and does cause or adds to office stress.

When sending emails – do you do so after office hours? Have you thought that this may make staff think they are expected to reply even though it is 22h00 at night?

What about email chains? Do you include unnecessary people for whatever reason? This causes email junk.

What about having a respond policy? Do you or your team feel that they need to respond immediately?

I once had an interviewee tell me in the interview that he will only be checking email once a day and hopefully that’s not a problem for us.

At first I was a bit taken aback as our business runs on email.

Not only did we hire him, but, guess what?

He never missed important communication nor did we ever have a client contact us saying they couldn’t get hold of him!

There are many other ways to reduce office stress – book a time with me and I will help you with these.


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