Building wealth part 1 of 5

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I thought about this topic over the weekend and it lead to another 5 part series so here we go:

Your net worth will sometimes match your self worth!

Not my quote but definitely one worth looking at more closely.

We are driven by our constant tracking of money.

The challenge for a lot of us is that we believe we shouldn’t have money or that money is the root of all evil!

This is a story told to us by jealous elders when we are growing up – so it becomes ingrained.

But money is good.

You build hospitals with money.

You feed people with money.

There is lots of things that money does that is good and valuable.

People do bad things not money.

Change your attitude towards it.

Make money want to come to you and think about the positive things money can do for you.

Over the week we will look at this a bit more.


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